Graphic Design and Illustrations for the game cards deck 'Tucán'
Pacific Novelty Playing Cards (USA)

Inspired by Mayan Culture.
Hand-drawn sketches. For the ace cards, I used the idea of the Mayan calendar. The main illustration for the back-side of the cards and package design I created by incorporating the toucan drawing and ancient Mayan symbols and creating the image of the ancient wall with the paintings.
Along with the classic numbers I used the Mayan numeral system, so the player could educate him/herself in it by playing cards.
Court cards illustrations. I used the ancient Mayan statues and bas-reliefs of the Mayan Kings, Queens and Warriors as the references for the illustrations.
Ace cards illustrations:
Jokers. As the Joker I've drawn the ancient Mayan clowns called Baldzam. These performers provide both entertaining and biting social commentary.
Package in the ancient wall-painting style. Little lock-sticker with the toucan image.
Full deck of cards.
Illustrations close-ups:
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